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We began producing under the Yılmaz Food "Canpetek" brand by bringing the years of apiculture experience for you to the Istanbul market with the Comb Honey sector in the early 1990s. Our company, which was focused especially on the comb lath honey sector in those years, quickly reached greater market share in this section.

“Canpetek”, which has invested in technology, beekeeper and human health since the day it was founded, has expanded its production capacity with Comb Honey facilities founded in 2000. Our company has achieved the rapid and qualified growth that it has achieved in Flower Comb Honey sector in the, Flower Extracted Honey sector, as well. Our company has been one of the leaders with “Canpetek” brand in the national markets by continuously increasing the momentum gained by the company over time. With the experience gained in the markets and with your trust over the years, it has added a particular quality to the apiculture industry with "Erzincan PETEKÇİ" brand in 2013. Our brand has reinforced its position in the market in a short time. Yılmaz Food will always proceed with its production and innovations by considering human health and remaining customer-oriented. Our company is taking firm steps toward the goal of becoming the market leader in Turkey with Jam, Molasses and Halva productions of "KENAN YILMAZ" brand. We will continue to gain momentum with our new investments day by day. We aim to have an important position in the honey industry with “BALCIPETEK” by adding "BALCIPETEK" and “BALCAFE" brands to our company structure. With our brand "BALCAFE", we offers unique tastes of our brand to you valued customer by providing factory outlet and regional breakfast (cafe) service. We do everything for you; We are one big family...


Our company possesseshas all the certification given by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in the wake of audits, and the documents required by law. Canpetek always carries out its production in a hygienic environment by prioritizing your health in the production line.


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E-mail: info@canpetek.com